Easel TV Customer Stories

Movie entertainment, news, reality TV, live theatre, hospitality, live TV, culinary experiences...
...just some of the services launched with Easel TV.

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Sky launched new apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku and Now TV using Easel TV’s OTT video platform
Sky TV Devices
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Easel TV has powered big-screen apps on multiple TV platforms for the hayu unscripted reality SVoD channel since its launch in 2016
NBCUniversal Hayu TV Devices
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Easel TV delivers live and recorded events for the performing arts industry through StagePlayer+
Stage Player Plus Website
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Easel TV provides the end-to-end technology solution for Techlive’s Airtime product, which delivers movies, entertainment and news to hotel rooms around the world.
Techlive International Airwave TV Device
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Comedy and cabaret on demand from the heart of soho on web and mobile.
Soho Laptop and Mobile Devices
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A streaming masterclass for budding chefs everywhere across multiple devices
Planet Eat Devices
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A seven year relationship enabled day-and-date and world cinema across multiple screens
Curzon Multiscreen Devices
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British TV direct to the consumer from the UKs biggest independent producer
all3media Multiscreen Devices
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Branded product promotional channel on Virgin Media TiVo.
HTC TV and TiVo Devices
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Easel TV’s special projects

As well as the implementation of our complete end-to-end OTT video content platform, we have also been at the heart of major software and platform design, development and integration projects

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With a partnership spanning more than 11 years, Easel TV’s Reading based team continues to implement and support the Virgin Media TiVo platform
TiVo Device
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A range of Virgin Media TiVo apps using Easel TV's app framework.
Virgin Media TV and TiVo Devices
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The first implementation of Spotify as a TV app on set top boxes.
Spotify TV and TiVo Devices
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