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Delivering for the thematic OTT market
Planet Eat Multiscreen
The Client
Planet Eat is a dedicated food channel, showcasing some of the best talent from up-and-coming chefs around the world, professional masterclasses from leading culinary schools, and high-quality guides to food photography, styling and blogging from leading chefs.
Planet Eat Website
The Challenge
Planet Eat was looking for a complete solution for its new channel; a flexible out-of-the-box solution that could also be enhanced to enable the ingredients of the recipes featured to be directly added to the supermarket shopping basket of each viewer’s choice. This enhanced feature was a vital part of Planet Eat’s monetisation strategy on top of the cooking subscription model.

The project to implement the service started in 2019 and was in two parts; a standard Easel TV implementation project and the more technically complex integration with Whisk, requiring  enhanced metadata associated with menus and ingredients to be sent to Whisk.
Planet Eat iPad and iPhone
The Solution
Planet Eat chose Easel TV’s OTT service to deliver the seamless interactivity between channel and app, and make the service universally accessible across PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Chromecast.  
Planet Eat TV App
Outcomes and Results
Through Easel TV, the Planet Eat service now provides one of the best examples of how OTT and streaming media enrich the viewing experience in a way that linear broadcasting could never offer. The service has generated a keen community following since the interactive recipe services went live.