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The Client
Techlive is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of premium entertainment content to the hospitality industry. Part of the SCCI Group of companies, Techlive works with integrators of hotel technology to provide content to its own Airtime application and to integrators’ own systems.
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The Challenge
Techlive was looking to deliver a next-generation, in-room hotel entertainment service. The traditional approach required the installation of complex and expensive equipment on every hotel’s site. A more efficient, cost-effective alternative was needed. Security and content protection are fundamental requirements of such a service, given the premium movies that are available.
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The Solution
In 2015, Techlive asked Easel TV to partner with it to create a cloud-based hotel entertainment service.

Easel TV implemented the Techlive hotel solution (called Airtime) using its OTT software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which provides a complete and easy-to-manage solution to enable clients to publish and monetise pay-as-you-go content from many different sources.

Airtime includes the latest Hollywood blockbuster films (in the early release, non-theatrical release window – after the cinema release but before traditional broadcast TV), live TV channels and topical TV shows.

Smart TVs can be activated for the Airtime application remotely or in-room by the integrator at time of installation.
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Outcomes and Results
Today, Techlive operates one of the world’s most advanced hotel streaming services. Operating on hospitality TVs from Samsung, LG and Philips, and delivered via a unique implementation with Apple TV, the service enables hotels to offer additional value to guests. Both free-to-guest (paid by the hotel) and rental (paid by the guest) models are available.
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