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The complete end-to-end video streaming solution

Since 2009

Multiscreen video streaming apps across TV, mobile and web

So, you have video content and you want to get it to an audience?

Easel TV provides the complete end-to-end streaming solution for creating your own branded video service. Ingest, schedule and manage your content using our full suite of content and customer management tools and release across multiscreen consumer apps, including TV, mobile and web.

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Launch your streaming service across all screens

Easel TV supports the widest selection of consumer devices and platforms as part of our end-to-end streaming solution, enabling you to reach the widest audience.

Take control of your content

The Easel TV Dashboard provides a powerful suite of tools to manage, schedule and promote your content. Here are just a handful of the features:

Easel TV Dashboard


Upload and ingest DRM protected video for secure streaming.


Manage descriptions, titles, tags, contributors and more.


Add different image types to your content, such as 'thumb' and 'poster' images.


Create curated and dynamic collections to package content your way.


Create and add content to pages and manage them in the consumer  menu.


A clear view of you how your content is performing alongside customer behaviour.

Live Events

Schedule, host and manage live events with pre-order purchasing.

TV Shows

Aloingside single feature products, also create full season and episodic products.


Target content at user groups based on behaviour, device types and region.


Full scheduling control of all your content, including markets and price changes.


Products can be made available as both rental and subscription simultaneously.


Support for AVOD with pre-rolls, voucher redemptions, banner ads and external links.

Manage, support and understand your customers

The Customer Manager provides customer insight and support, allowing you to access consumer behaviour, grant entitlements, manage device sign-ins, restrict access and much more.

Ensure your customer support has the tools it needs to keep your users active.

Easel TV Dashboard - customer management

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