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FAST just got FASTER with Easel TV's AI powered single click content generation.

Streamline your workflow by auto-generating descriptions, categories, actors, subtitles and more, each with a single click of a button.

Save time... cut costs... achieve more

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Easel TV is a complete end-to-end video streaming service. Create your brand and layout, add your content, schedule and manage delivery across multiple markets and deploy in real-time to your customers using our highly configurable apps.

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CMS and Customer Apps

All the tools you need

With Easel TV, you have all the tools you need to create and manage your video streaming service.

Dashboard and consumer apps

Our CMS, allows you to upload, create and manage content as well as handle customer accounts and access detailed analytical data.

Customer Apps

A full suite of templated customer apps across browser, mobile and TV devices. As the apps are data-driven by the Dashboard, including brand and layout, you have full control without the need to resubmit apps.

Multi-screen Customer Apps

Launch across all screen sizes

Easel TV's templated customer app is available on a comprehensive range of platforms and devices to ensure your service can reach the widest audience possible.


Bringing the power of AI to Easel TV

Experience effortless streaming with Easel TV – where UX meets advanced AI automation. Our intuitive tools and AI technology simplify the creation and launch of premium streaming services. Say goodbye to manual tasks as eAI handles the heavy lifting, revolutionising your streaming journey. Elevate your content with Easel TV and embrace a new era of hassle-free streaming.

Easel TV Dashboard on an iMac screen


Control your brand

Managing your brand is simple with Easel TV Themes. Upload your logo, set a few primary colours and that's it, like magic our system takes care of the rest.

Minimum Effort

Just three colours can brand your entire service, our intelligent theming takes care of the rest.

Multiple Themes

Switch between themes, allowing you to have seasonal designs, sponsorship takeovers and more.

Logo and Favicon

Just drag and drop your logo and favicon and the rest is done for you.

Media Types

VOD, Linear TV, Live Events

Easel TV supports a mixture of media types, including On Demand, Linear TV channels and monetised live events. Focus your service around one type or feature a mixture of all three.

Collage of media types
Video On Demand

Drag and drop a video file to encode and create an On Demand product.

Linear Channels

Add a video stream link and build a full TV channel experience around it.

Live Events

Connect with a video event host and use our Event Director to schedule a fully managed event.

Easel TV Dashboard on an iMac screen


Segment user experiences with Easel TV Markets

Easel TV Markets allow you to target user groups with different content, branding, pricing and more. This incredibly powerful and flexible feature runs throughout our platform.


Schedule content changes across different dates with different pricing based on the target user group.

Device Types

Provide different experiences and content based on the device the user is on.

Viewing History

Cut down on churn and adjust the viewing experience based on the user’s viewing habits.

User Experience

Provide unique user-experiences to select audiences.


Deliver different content, pricing and experiences based on global location.

Easel TV Customer TV APP


Audio languages and subtitles

Easel TV has full support for international subtitles and multiple audio languages. And very soon, you will be able to generate subtitles from audio using eAI with a single button click.

Audio Languages

Video asset multi-channel audio is automatically recognised when uploaded, allowing users to switch between languages in the app UI.


Just drag and drop compatible VTT files into the Dashboard and the rest is done for you.

Easel TV consumer TV app


Pricing models for any use case

Flexible pricing models to suit your business model. You can create your streaming service based around rental, subscription, ad-funded or free, or you can mix and match all of the above.


With rentals, you can control entitlement and viewing window periods, allow pre-ordering and create unlimited price-bands.


From a basic, single tier package to a complex, multi-tier, multi-package offering with individual trial periods.

Ad Funded

Use our inbuilt video ad creation and management, or integrate with any VAST compliant third party ad servers.


Provide content completely free, either to registered users, or anyone, without the need for an account.

Easel TV Dashboard on an iMac screen


Flexible, comprehensive scheduling of content and promotions

Take control of the delivery of your content with availability and content windows, which allow you to schedule the availability, price and content changes.

Pricing and Availability

Schedule the availability of content over multiple windows with different pricing per window, including a coming soon or preorder period.

Content Changes

Schedule changes to collections, pages and metadata content to keep your content looking fresh.


Add different publishing rules to each market segment, allowing you to target different availability, pricing and content changes to different user groups.

Easel TV Dashboard on an iMac screen


Simple but powerful image upload and management.

Remove the effort and time from image management. Dragging and dropping a single image can be enough to create all of the rich imagery required for an asset to look its best.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop a single image onto a product and do nothing more while it is automatically converted into the multiple image types and sizes required for a graphically rich app.

AI Auto-crop

As your master image is converted into multiple types and sizes, eAI crops the images intelligently, focusing on faces and action.

Multiple Images

Replace individual image types with different images. For example, DVD style artwork may work better for a product 'thumb' than a full screen 'hero' image.

Easel TV Dashboard on an iMac screen


Content categorisation and discoverability

Categorise your content in any way you want and use those categories to organise and make your content discoverable.

Display Categories

Create categories, such as genres, country of origin, venue... anything, and display these in the app.

Categorise Content

Use categories to group your content dynamically and link them all together.


Categories are used throughout our service, linking promotional slots with banners, collections with content and search results for customers.

AI Auto-generate

Generate categories specific to a movie, TV show etc using eAI auto generation.

Easel TV consumer TV app


Every good show needs a beautiful cast list

Contributors are people. They can be set as actors, directors, football players, chefs, musicians... anything. Each contributor can have a bio, image and role.

Categorise by Contributor

Group your content into dynamic collections using contributors as well as linking all related content via a contributor page.


Customers can search by contributor and access all content attributed to them.

AI Auto-generate

Take the leg work out of manually creating contributors by automatically generating and adding them to shows using eAI.

Easel TV consumer website


Collate your content into collections

Take full control over the presentation of content to your customers by creating editorially driven or dynamic collections.

Dynamic Collections

Quickly and easily create collections which dynamically populate in real-time using categories or contributors.

Curated Collections

Drag and drop content into your collection and editorially define the order in which is it presented to your customers.


Schedule content changes to your collections and allow them to change over time and for different market user groups.

Easel TV Dashboard on an iMac screen

Age Ratings

Targeted age rating sets

Create multiple age rating sets and use Easel TV markets to target each one at a different country or user group.

Text Labels or Images

Drag and drop an image onto your age rating for a visual icon or simply enter the age to appear as a nicely designed age rating text label.


Create multiple age rating sets, each one suitable for a different territory and use markets to ensure the correct set is displayed to each relevant user group.

Easel TV consumer TV app


Take control of your promotional campaigns

Using Easel TV's VAST compliant promotional tools, you can create video ads, banners and overlays, driven by internal assets or third party ad servers.

Video Ads

Upload and manage your own video ads or inject them from third party servers to be used as part of pre-rolls, mid-rolls or post-rolls.

Banner Ads

Upload and manage banner ads and display them almost anywhere within your app.


Use labels to display an image or text overlayed on products (i.e. Movies, TV Shows). Great for content sponsorship and call-to-actions.

Third-party Ad Servers

We developed our own VAST compliant video ad and banner ad servers to allow us to operate as a standalone service or to integrate with popular third-party ad servers.

Easel TV Dashboard on an iMac screen

User Accounts

Flexible user account business models

Easel TV gives you the flexibility over how you open your streaming service to customers, whether you require account registration or open your app to anyone, the choice and configuration is in your hands.


Configure whether you require your customers to sign up before accessing your service, or browse content and only sign up at purchase.


Open your service up. Customer are not required to sign-up to purchase and view content.


For customers who have temporary access to your service, such as hotel guests, we have special support for our hospitality focused clients.


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