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A communally-shared streaming service pumps life into Performing Arts amid Pandemic
Stage Player Plus Multiscreen
The Client
In the advent of the pandemic theatres, event organisers and performing artists across the UK were looking for a cost-effective way to adopt streaming services to host their live events.

So we teamed up with PlayerPlus to see how we could help.
Stage Player Plus TV App
The Challenge
The performing arts industry faced a huge challenge – how to get their live events in front of the audience, when no-one was allowed to visit theatres?

Selling content to broadcasters or the likes of Netflix is an option only open to the biggest global shows, and building your own streaming on-line service is complex and expensive. A shared streaming hub, a virtual digital venue that all theatres and artist could use was needed, one that supported both live and recorded events. The challenge was who should pay and build this ideal outcome for the performing arts industry.
Stage Player Plus TV App - Wallace and Gromit example
The Solution
Following success with Soho Theatre working collaboratively with Easel TV's streaming service we were approached by numerous people within the performing arts industry to see if we could help.

In response, Easel TV, in association with PlayerPlus, built StagePlayer+ to be a communally ‘shared’ streaming service for the industry. StagePlayer+, supported on Easel TV's PaaS Streaming platform and operated by PlayerPlus, gives theatres, concert organisers and artists a virtual venue to promote and sell shows, providing an invaluable digital revenue stream.

Built as a pay-as-you-go service, theatres, artists, concert and festival organisers can have their own collections and show pages within StagePlayer+. Here they can publish ticketed live and recorded shows. Consumers can then simply purchase a ticket and start watching the show on a multitude of devices.
Stage Player Plus Website
Outcomes and Results
StagePlayer+ was launched in 2021 and currently hosts multiple virtual shows for different theatres and artists.

Thanks to a simple intuitive interface offered through an iPlayer like service, there is no complicated set-up required. With payment options including debit and credit card, in-app purchases and Spektrix ticketing support, it provides the performing arts industry with an additional digital revenue stream to complement their business-as-usual product sales.
Stage Player Plus iPad and iPhone apps

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