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Kent Cricket launched KentCricketPlay on Easel TV's platform, becoming the first County Cricket club to manage their own pay-per-view (PPV) streaming service. Achieved in under a week, the platform streamed six live Vitality Blast matches and was managed by a single, non-technical in-house team member. The service not only engaged existing fans but also set the stage for future streaming innovations.
Kent Cricket needed a quick solution for streaming the upcoming 20/20 Vitality Blast series. They partnered with Easel TV to launch their own service, tapping into their existing fan base.
The Challenge

Rapid Deployment

Needed to go live fast due to the approaching Vitality Blast series.


Aimed for complete control and ownership of the streaming service.

Fan Engagement

Wanted to leverage their existing fan base to drive viewership.

The Easel TV Solution
KentCricketPlay, powered by Easel TV, went live in just a week. A single team member managed everything using Easel TV's user-friendly dashboard, from design to streaming configurations.
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The Impact

Pop-Up Broadcasts

Quick setup allows for temporary, TV-quality streams for future events.

Long-Term Streaming

Potential for a permanent service featuring live and historical content.


Caters to a wide audience, improving the fan experience.

KentCricketPlay's quick launch and future potential make Kent Cricket a pioneer in PPV cricket streaming. The collaboration with Easel TV showcases how technology can elevate the fan experience.
Kent Cricket Player on an iMac screen