Sky News, a global leader in news broadcasting
Sky News on a TV screen
Sky News, a global leader in news broadcasting, faced an urgent need for a multi-platform digital solution after losing support from their previous OTT solution provider. Easel TV's comprehensive streaming solution enabled Sky News to swiftly launch across multiple platforms, thereby streamlining content management, enhancing monetisation, and expanding audience reach.
Sky News was confronted with the immediate challenge of retaining its digital presence across multiple platforms due to the sudden withdrawal of their prior service provider. Sky needed a fast, dependable solution that would enable monetisation and leverage existing Sky partnerships as well as to provide a platform for future growth.
Sky News on a TV screen
The Challenge

Swift Deployment

Sky News needed to minimise service disruption.

Multi-Platform Expansion

A wider audience reach was essential.


Ad revenue was a key objective.

Partnership Leverage

Sky News aimed to optimise existing Sky collaborations for maximum impact.

The Easel TV Solution
Easel TV provided a robust, end-to-end streaming platform tailored for all major connected devices. The cloud-based integration facilitated a seamless transition, enabling Sky News to go live quickly and efficiently.
Sky News on a TV screen
Monetisation and Reach
Easel TV's integrated advertising solution opened up new avenues for revenue, aligning with Sky News' monetisation objectives. Additionally, the digital footprint was expanded to seven key platforms, effectively broadening the audience reach.
The Results

Sky News successfully went live within a month.

Coverage was expanded to seven critical platforms, thereby increasing audience engagement.

Efficient advertising integration led to profitable content monetization.

Sky News' decision to partner with Easel TV resulted in significant digital expansion, audience engagement, and revenue generation. This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of strategic partnerships between media organisations and technology providers like Easel TV.
Sky News on a TV screen