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Easel TV secures BFI contract

Easel TV Secures Prestigious Contract to Provide Cutting-edge Applications for the BFI (British Film Institute)

London, 11th Sept - Easel TV, a prominent player in streaming technology and digital media solutions, has secured a significant contract to deliver cutting-edge streaming media services for the esteemed BFI (BritishFilm Institute) with its streaming platform BFI Player. This partnership combines Easel TV's advanced technology with BFI Player’s extensive collection of hand-picked films and value-added features and its existing web-based service.

Easel TV's selection as the applications partner for BFI Player is attributed to a number of advanced features of Easel TV’s renewed streaming platform, not least its advanced self-build tools. These tools allow for the creation and dynamic updates of streaming apps across a range of platforms, including web, mobile apps, various TV platforms and streaming devices. Once the back end is integrated, apps can be quickly launched on all platforms within the Easel TV portfolio, allowing the BFI to maximise its reach. App updates can be undertaken by BFI’s editorial staff alone without any technical resource and without additional professional services.

Other significant benefits include the platform's flexibility in UI/UX design, scheduling, and its intuitive content management system (CMS). In addition, sophisticated market segmentation tools enable clients to tailor content offerings to specific audience segments with the objective of improving consumer engagement. Easy publishing of linear, VOD and live events plus innovative migration facilities provided by Easel TV ensure a smooth transition for BFI's content delivery, which also played a crucial role in the decision.

Paul Lewis, Head of BFI Player, commented that “Easel TV has created a very intuitive, easy to use, CMS that provides a lot of flexibility. This should allow us to reach all of our target platforms from just one, cloud-based integration and enable us to make changes to the customer experience whenever we want, without expensive technical change requests. We also look forward to more innovation in the potential introduction of live events and being able to conduct advanced marketing in the form of A/B testing and in implementing different outcomes for different market segments, as a way to improve our consumer engagement”.

Easel TV will showcase its technology at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam this September, where visitors will have the opportunity to experience Easel TV’s latest AI Assist tools and get a detailed look at the innovative features that helped to secure the BFI contract after a competitive tender process.

"We are delighted to be selected by the BFI as its applications partner," stated Joe Foster, CEO at Easel TV. "This partnership reflects our commitment to simplifying content delivery through a ‘single-click’ provisioning only philosophy for the production of direct-to-consumer premium quality streaming services. We look forward to fostering innovation alongside BFI Player."

For media inquiries and more information, please contact:

Joe Foster, CEO Easel TV at or on +44(0)7985 807528

About Easel TV: Easel TV is a leading provider of advanced streaming technology and digital media solutions. With a focus on innovation, Easel TV empowers its clients to deliver high-quality content across a variety of platforms and devices, ensuring seamless and engaging viewer experiences. The company's cutting-edge tools and capabilities have made it a trusted partner for prestigious institutions and content providers worldwide.


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