The complete OTT video service

Easel TV is a video software company specialising in an end-to-end OTT solution for content owners to deliver streaming VOD content to an audience, quickly and cost effectively, using our award winning SaaS product.

Create and manage your OTT video service using a single SaaS product

Our OTT cloud video platform brings all the benefits of a world-class SaaS solution.

Speed, cost, reliability

From content ingest and management to consumer app delivery, the Easel TV platform covers every step of the journey.

Ingest, manage, deliver

Cloud Based Content Delivery

Easel TV is an OTT cloud-based service providing you with a complete set of tools to ingest, schedule and promote your video content using our cloud content management and user admin software.

Single account with Easel TV

The all-in-one OTT service

Fast and cost-effective

Our feature rich, fully tested SaaS platform provides a rapid and cost-effective one-stop route to your audience.

Scalable and flexible

From niche audience to a large user base, our platform has been designed with scalability in mind.

Secure and reliable

Secure video content protected with al major DRM, including Widevine, Microsoft Playready and Apple Fairplay.

Monetise your content

Multiple payment options, including direct credit card transactions, Amazon and Apple payment services.

Multiple VOD Support

The Easel TV platform supports TVOD, SVOD, FVOD, AVOD and BVOD.

Multi-screen OTT apps

Award winning templated apps across web, mobile and TV devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung, TiVo, iOS and Android.

Easel TV News and Thoughts

Easel TV continues to grow and evolve and we love to share the journey with you. Follow us on twitter and linkedkin to keep in touch with everything that comes out of 39 Hatton Garden.

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We’re hiring again!

Easel TV is growing and we are on the look out for talented developers to join our team in Hatton Garden, London.

Front-end developer

We’re looking for a smart, talented software engineer to work across a variety of platforms, with an emphasis on client-side technologies.

Senior Scala Engineer

Join our multi-disciplinary team and produce new features and improve existing functionality with clean, quality code.

Interested? If the above career opportunities feel right to you, then why not get in touch on the email below with your CV and an overview about you and what you are are looking for with your next career move.

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