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Easel TV at IBC 2021

Sharing our insights and future direction at IBC

IBC is back, and so are we! 2021 sees the return of the world's premiere television and technology show and we'll be back to share with you an exclusive peek at our next generation end-to-end video streaming service.

Over the coming weeks and leading up to IBC 2021 in Amsterdam in December, I plan to post a series of short pieces that call on over 12 years of insight and experience in OTT and streaming. In them I look to answer some of the more pressing questions we have been asked and explain some of the more exciting things we are doing to meet the challenges and aspirations of clients in the future.

Responding to our clients’ challenges is what drives our roadmap, and in these short abstracts we hope to discuss why these topics are relevant, why the functionality they encompass is being requested, and how both these factors are being addressed to produce some of the most exciting outcomes for the future.

Attracting an audience

The first piece. Marketing a new streaming service, tackles that most pressing of questions: how to attract an audience if you’re new to streaming. This is particularly relevant to anyone who is starting from scratch and without a consumer-recognised brand or a ready-made consumer base.  This has been a major influencing factor in our roadmap over the years, leading us to develop features and functionality that supports commercialisation in one or more ways.

Live Events

Event Streaming: StagePlayer+, a Case Study, looks at the hot topic of streaming live events in the light of covid’s impact on real attendance in theatres, at concerts, festivals, football matches and other sports events, shows and exhibitions. Here we look at some of the issues we encountered over the last 18months, activities designed in particular to help performing arts use streaming to mitigate the impact on that industry.

UI & UX design flexibility

The next piece, Data-driven user experiences, looks at moving streaming services into the exciting arena of flexible, enhanced design.  How do you keep the service fresh and exciting in ways that are not limited to just new content? How do you accommodate rich and powerful design changes across a complex portfolio of device apps without the need to constantly resubmit apps to device manufacturers and TV operators for approval?

Managing change

Migrating streaming services; Sky News a Case Study looks at change, growth and migration of a streaming service. What happens when your streaming service takes off and needs to move to a more professional, scalable and industry grade platform, with user interfaces designed for large screen TV remote controls and TV operator services.  

Covid’s impact

Streaming in a post-covid world offers a reflection on how streaming can offer alternative revenue streams and an insurance policy for many businesses. It considers the extent to which virtual and digital services can complement and protect revenue without adding excessive overhead.

Fulfilling streaming’s marketing potential

And finally a piece on how design flexibility can serve future ambitions to target multiple markets and multiple business objectives. Market Segmentation or Personalisation discusses the impact of tailoring streaming services through the concept of market segmentation, a powerful way of managing your audience through insights that go beyond viewing and targeting data. This, more than any other piece, starts to look at the future of streaming through the introduction of powerful editorial, marketing and business decision tools for channel and content owners.

If these are topics of interest,Easel TV will be exhibiting at IBC in Amsterdam in December. If London works better for you, we have demonstration facilities in our office here, so why not get in touch to arrange a date to come along and chat to us?