Easel TV and DMD team up to bundle DMD’s Cine Del Mundo independent film VOD Services with Easel TV’s end-to-end OTT service


The tie-up makes DMD’s independent film catalogue available for both DMD and Easel TV’s clients, allowing them to go direct to market across a full suite of connected TVs and OTT devices globally.

LONDON, UK: DMD and Easel TV have joined forces to create a ready-made VOD solution that combines great content services with first class technology that can be delivered in a cost effective, quick and efficient manner.

DMD’s extensive and ever growing independent and exclusive film catalogueis already available in Spanish and Portuguese in 19 countries across the Latin America market on TVOD with the biggest cable and IPTV platforms including Net, Claro, Telefonica, Izzi, VTR and Cablevison. It is now launching an SVOD variant branded “Cine del Mundo” which is a highly curated service and will be the home of the most recent commercial independent cinema in the region.

Easel TV provides a full suite of editorial, commercial and administrative tools necessary for a content owner to run their own OTT service from the cloud. These operate in conjunction with Easel TV’s client branded apps across an extensive set of consumer devices; web, mobile, connected TVs, OTT devices (such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku) as well as Pay TV set-top-boxes (such as TiVo, Cisco, Samsung, Arris and others). This allows content owners to run all aspects of a B2C VOD service from one consolidated administrative dashboard.

This partnership enables both companies to provide a combined offering of high-quality content and service to emerging markets globally, with new titles added every month.

“By combining our existing VOD services with Easel TV’s OTT service we get the best of both worlds” said Tony Kelly, Chairman and co-founder of DMD, “as well as selling directly to Pay TV and other VOD providers who have their own existing VOD service, we can now bundle our extensive catalogue with Easel TV’s complete state-of-the-art OTT service to help anyone who wants our content but also needs a fully branded OTT VOD service to go with it.”

Easel TV’s OTT service takes a multi-tenant approach, with current clients already live using an existing rich feature set. This results in rapid deployment on a highly stable, well exercised platform, minimising risk and costs for all its clients.

“Bundling content with an end-to-end OTT service makes complete sense” said Joe Foster, CEO and co-founder of Easel TV, “and something I’ve been looking to do for a while. If our clients, or DMDs, have an audience it removes barriers to entry, minimises start-up costs and gets them to market across multiple devices super quickly.” Joe also points out that “whilst a client’s VOD service can grow and acquire the rights to more content, it needs to start with a solid and rich offering to get going and DMD’s catalogue provides that head start with one of the most valuable alternatives to Hollywood dominated portfolios.”

The partnership gives both companies more options. DMD’s own Cine Del Mundo SVOD service, will now not only be offered via Pay TV operators in Latin America, but can now also be released directly to market. “The option exists to expand our base of countries and outlets, e.g. more devices by taking content direct-to-market or through content and distribution partners as we choose”, said Tony, “this allows us to maximise our investment in content and give consumers more choice and access to our content.”

About Easel TV:

Easel TVoperates a multi-tenant licenced OTT service for broadcasters, Telcos, TV operators, content providers and brands.

Easel TV’scomplete OTT solution provides all backend (cloud) management and editorial tools, as well as comprehensive support of apps on the world’s most popular consumer devices. It allows content providers, media entertainment companies and brands to support best-of-breed digital TV and OTT solutions quicker, with greater reliability, at minimal cost.

EaselTV’s clients include Curzon Home Cinema, hayu from NBCUniversal, Airwave hotel hospitality service, all3media, HTC brand entertainment service.

Easel TValready boasts an award-winning UX/UI across an impressive range of consumer devices; desktop, mobiles, tablets (iOS and Android), TVs (Samsung, LG, Philips, HbbTV), OTT boxes (Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV), Pay TV (Netgem, Arris, Samsung, Cisco and TiVo), TV browsers (Opera TV) and Google Cast.

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Joe Foster

CEO, Easel TV

About DMD:

DMDis a London based digital content distribution and advisory business which both operates its own VOD services serving 17 million two-way homes in Latin America, and advises other clients on building and monetizing their content and technology distribution businesses.

For more information, please visit www.dmdlimited.com

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Tony Kelly

Chairman, DMD