Huge benefits are derived from working with a single supplier; speed to market, highly robust tested software, lower costs, simplicity and problem ownership.

Easel TV’s multi-tenant OTT platform supports film, TV, lifestyle or brand entertainment services.  These services can be launched in a matter of weeks, on the world’s leading consumer devices. The assumption, often false, is that a ‘horizontal’ service from one supplier must be inferior to a systems integrated set of best of breed verticals.

Yet many of the same verticals exist in a ready-made SaaS offering. We all use PlayReady, Fairplay and Widevine DRM, we all use much the same CDN supply chain (Akamai, Edgecast, Cloudfront etc.), we all use the same payment providers, e.g. Apple, Amazon, Stripe etc.

In the end a beautifully integrated horizontal solution is ultimately what everyone is trying to achieve, whether you adopt a ready-made service, or you spend months, even years, systems integrating it.

The same tasks have to be performed; content upload, encoding, hosting, formatting, content protection and distribution. But a pre-integrated multi-tenant service offers multiple benefits.

Perhaps the biggest of all these is quality and robustness, knowing your service is about to launch across a full OTT eco-system that has been carrying real traffic from multiple services for years, exercising the very same tried and tested software your consumers are now dependent upon.

And if quality is assured, you benefit from speed to market, saving capex and earning income quickly. Is there any compromise in functionality? That might depend upon your goals and budget, but when you’ve been delivering features and functionality via an agile programme of software development “sprints” over 7 years, it would be hard to match our capability and launch without taking a lot of risks in stability.

We’d also argue that it is the integration of unknown verticals which leads to all the problems; compromised features that were never designed to work together in the first place, fragmented responsibilities across multiple suppliers, time wasted in integration, costs escalating in project management under pressure to release software that has never been fully exercised.

More power to one supplier solution, a solution architected to work together using one complete administrative dashboard. We find it makes Easel TV’s OTT service one of the simplest and most comprehensive carrier-grade OTT SaaS services on the market. Easel TV is one, single, accountable supplier, with simplified contracts & contacts. Our clients require fewer staff and can simplify their admin & processes. There is no blame, no buck-passing, no sloping shoulders.  There are instant decisions, clear accountability, market-oriented focus and money spent in the right place – on features and progress.

For many it is just the fact that SaaS is cheaper, but that might just be the smallest of its benefits.

Launch faster and grow quicker; without the stress.