OTT’s Global Advantage

Delivering content “over-the-top” of the internet is changing the landscape for access to content. Whilst distributors are still likely to operate under regional or country rights, content owners who decide to go direct to the consumer don’t have to be restricted by any of these boundaries – it’s their content to do with as they want.

This changes the rules and the advantage lies with OTT.

Cloud architecture allows for an instantly scalable and highly reliable service availability globally (when architected the right way).

OTT video consumer devices; mobiles, tablets, PC’s, as well as some OTT TV devices; Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Smart TVs e.g. Samsung, also help make OTT distribution ubiquitous and global.

Easel TV OTT is built with global partners AWS and Microsoft Azure. We distribute high-quality video stream through leading global CDN providers, Edgecast, Akamai and Cloudfront. We operate multi-language and multi-currency with global payment providers such as Stripe, Amazon and Apple.

Monetise your video OTT with us and take full advantage of these important shifts in global TV and Film distribution and trends.