OTT’s Value Add

When it comes to TV, what is an audience?

If we look at things objectively a traditional broadcast TV audience is actually a vast number of unidentified viewers. Whilst this doesn’t have to be a barrier to the audience’s own enjoyment, or for a TV channel to make good advertising income, let’s be honest, it is somewhat limiting.

For advertising campaigns designed for brand and product awareness, a broadcast advert is fine. However, there are limitations to an Audience.

With Customers come registrations, with registrations come data, with data you can make recommendations, target ads, charge for value-added services (subscription, in-app purchases), garner direct feedback, track usage across devices, locations and viewing habits, direct marketing and more.

The OTT advantage is that it removes all the limitations and in doing so it transforms an Audience into a Customer.

OTT isn’t just doing things Over the Top, OTT is empowering companies to engage the consumer in a way never before envisaged.

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