When an OTT business case is assumed or untested, an established SaaS service with a rich feature set offers significant benefits.

The obvious one is speed to market. But what is also significant is instant access to a rich feature set that could take years to develop or replicate; aspects such as full CMS editorial, social media integration and a suite of marketing tools.

Significant too is the fact that the software and the service has already been rigorously exercised, offering an immediately robust and reliable service. This is really important in establishing credibility in the market, a key success factor for any video service.

The other challenge faced with a blank canvas is to determine the best commercial proposition for you and your audience. An established SaaS service should allow you to experiment with multiple commercial models, such as independent or overlapping SVoD, TVoD, AVoD, FVoD and sponsorship revenue models, with multi-currency pre-integrated payment providers.

Importantly it will have a well-defined pool of critical data and provide the insight you need to prove your business case.

For all these substantial benefits, perhaps the most significant is that a SaaS service is fundamentally an OPEX based cost line, linking spend directly to the success of your service, thus de-risking the project and apprehension in kicking off and kicking on.

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