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Traditionally, Video on Demand (VOD) services were the exclusive domain of Pay TV operators and Telcos who were the captive audience of suppliers of some serious on-site server infrastructure.

These days online video providers (OVPs) in the mould of Comcast Technology Services, Ooyala or Brightcove are viewed as the foundation of a more progressive cloud-based approach.

However, these OVPs set out to host and stream video as a service, not specifically to build and operate OTT VoD channels and services. And they don’t generally build device-optimised video player applications for this market. Consequently, they either combine the services of 3rd party software houses and/or systems integrators to build consumer device apps (sometimes using the OVP’s player components) and add necessary backend services. This takes time and money, and carries a not insignificant risk of early instability following launch until the systems integrator irons out all its bugs from the resultant custom-made service.

Such barriers mean that even in this new, cloud-based world, VOD channels are beyond the reach of many, such as niche content providers, and curtail the advent of truly exciting opportunities in brand entertainment and advertising.  YouTube channels might be an answer for some but are not always appropriate or desirable, particularly when monetising content through TVOD or SVOD offerings.”

There ought to be a better way.

Suggested TV is an end-to-end cloud-based OTT service that provides all necessary tools to publish and operate a complete OTT video service.

It includes an award-winning UX/UI across a truly impressive range of consumer devices; browsers, mobiles, tablets (iOS and Android), TVs (Samsung, LG, Philips, HbbTV), OTT boxes (Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV), Pay TV (Netgem, Arris, Samsung, Cisco and TiVo), TV browsers (Opera TV) and Chromecast.

A client only needs to provide its video content and branding to go to market.

This approach brings three invaluable benefits;

Speed – getting a service to market quickly
Cost – lowering costs from use of a shared, ready-built solution
Reliability – running the service on an established software platform

Which in turn makes OTT VOD channels assessable to all; niche content providers, businesses, brands and advertisers.

      “A client only needs to provide its video content and branding to go to market”

Suggested TV combines web services to create a cohesive, globally deployable, scalable and extensible platform to deliver high-quality OTT services quickly; it provides:

  • all required tools including CMS, account management, marketing and analytics
  • multiple adaptive video bit-rates, video quality up to UHD, subtitles, audio languages and bookmarking across all devices
  • marketing tools with clickable graphical overlays, pre-roll videos and vouchering

This formidable platform is the result of 5 years’ extensive development and over £4m of investment and is an exemplar of to how to do OTT. It powers OTT home cinema from Curzon, OTT TV in NBCUniversal’s hayu and OTT hotel TV and films from Airwave. It has been used for a brand channel from HTC and direct to consumer TV from production house all3media.

If you thought operating your own OTT video channel, getting it on TV in the living room of households globally was beyond your capability, think again. Suggested TV is a licensed service, available today.

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